Not every cleaning company is as professional and easy to work with as we are. Here is a little bit about the people who are working to build the world's most excellent house cleaning company.

Owner of Kalee's Cleaning

Jessica Kalee Founder & Owner

The person who started it all and still does most of it, Jessica handles staffing, sales, scheduleing, and client service. She is the person who answers the phone when you call and responds to all your email messages.

Her background is in the non-profit sector working with abused and neglected children. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Regis University. She is a great mother and a super high quality person.

Owner of Kalee's Cleaning

Matthew Founder & Owner

Usually found working on this website or reading obscure books, Matthew is responsible for process design, advertising, and tool making. You will rarely speak to him, because he only likes to talk to Jessica.

Before helping Jessica start Kalee's Cleaning, he served in the United States Air Force. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies from the University of Minnesota, Crookston and his Master of Science in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Owner of Kalee's Cleaning

Abigail Senior Office Helper

Typically playing with her little sister or processing shred jobs for her mother, Abigail joined the firm in its second year of operations. Since then she has been a very influential part of Kalee's Cleaning.

She is currently studying violin playing, drawing, and painting. She attends home school and has just finished Kindergarten.

Owner of Kalee's Cleaning

Madeline Supervisory Mess Maker

Usually found playing with her sister, making mischievous messes, or drawing on herself with markers, Madeline joined the company in 2012. Her interests include impersonating cartoon characters, cutting big pieces of paper into confetti, and putting tape on things. You can see an picture of her most recent installation piece here.

Also home schooled, she has completed a pre-school curriculum for 3 year olds.

A Brief History of Kalee's Cleaning

In the fall of 2006, two old friends from California found themselves reunited in Lafayette. Jessica was between jobs and Matthew had just finished his military service. Over the holidays, they discussed the possibility of starting a business together. They spent the whole month of January 2007 writing the business plan, the month of February setting every thing up, and Kalee's Cleaning officially opened its doors in March.

It has been an interesting and difficult journey. We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We thought it would easy (it isn't). We thought we be getting rich (we aren't). We thought we would only do it for "a couple of years" (we are now in our 9th year). We have learned so much and we just keep learning more.

Is out our constant and difficult learning that has made our business excellent. It is also makes our jobs so great. We are thankful for this community and all our past and present clients. Without you, we would not be what we are and neither would Kalee's Cleaning.

Kalee's Cleaning is a local house cleaning service company. They provide housekeeping and maid services to clients in Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, and Superior Colorado.

For a house cleaning or estimate call (720) 898-5531 or email us.