Whether you call it a cleaning, maid, or housekeeping service, there is only one fundamental reason to have one. At the end of the day, on the most fundamental level, a good house cleaning service provides a priceless product:


Nobody has enough of it and there aren't many ways to get more of it. Engaging a competent maid service is one of the few ways to get more of the world's most precious resource. We feel it is important to keep this paradigm in mind when considering if you need a cleaning service or when evaluating your existing service.

Given the dynamic nature of service delivery, it often difficult to stay completely out of the client's way. We have always had the notion that Time was our real product but because we lacked certain skills and, therfore, certain system components, it was difficult for us fully integrate this idea into our service delivery system. Now that our little company is all grown-up we have a laser-focus on delivering more time to you. After all, if we can't do that, you may not need us.

If you truly have all the free time you need you may still need a good housekeeping service. Philosophically, our main purpose it to provide our clients more time for the things they love. Practically, however, there are other benefits to engaging a cleaning service. Some examples of these practical benefits are:

  • Reduced physical exertion
  • House cleaning is hard work. Many people work quite hard during the work week and simply don't want to exert themselves at night or on the weekend. Some people, though illness or age, are not capable of exerting the effort required to produce a truly clean home.

  • Reduced frustration
  • The so-called "conveniences of modern life" sure do require a lot of inconvience. It seems like the list of things to do is never ending: from walking the dog, to paying the monthly bills it can be frustrating to responsibly try to do anything out of the "ordinary." Hiring a good cleaning service can remove one of the barriers to your expression of freedom.

  • Avoidance of an activity you don't enjoy
  • Most people simply don't like to clean their own home. They would rather be doing something else. In some ways this is related to the primary benefit of a maid service (time). But it puts more focus on preferences and less focus on requirements.

  • Increased personal safety
  • We don't tend to think of housekeeping as particularly dangerous, but for some people it is. Previous injury or on-going medical conditions can greatly increase the risk of achieving a clean house under your own power. After all, a clean shower is not worth a broken hip or second knee replacement.

  • Reduced destraction
  • Related to reduced frustration is reduced distraction. If you took the time you spent cleaning your house and applied it to other things, what could you accomplish? You could write a book, learn a programming language, execute that killer idea you've had for a while, or finally run that full marathon. The annual time saved varies by house and cleaning frequency, but you get the idea.

If you live in or near Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Lafayette, or Louisville, Colorado and have any questions about whether a house cleaning service is a good option for you, please contact us. We will give you straight answers and never pressure you to use our service.

Kalee's Cleaning is a local house cleaning service company. They provide housekeeping and maid services to clients in Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, and Superior Colorado.

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