Our integrity is the most valuable asset we have. It is the first concept against which our decisions are weighed. If you are looking for an honest maid service, look no further.

What is an honest maid service?

At the end of the day, an honest maid service is one that:

  1. Does what it says it will do
  2. Does what is right, whether they said it or not
These two behaviors are closely related. Some times, due to uncontrollable factors, a company (any company) can't do what it said it would. This is a fact of life in the service economy: restaurant meals come to your table under or over cooked, internet service goes down, and packages arrive late. When these things happen, a company gets to choose if it will do the right thing for the client. An honest maid service will choose to correct the mistake in a way that benefits the client and leaves the client 100% satisfied with the resolution.

Are you using one?

It hard to evaluate the honesty of company until something goes wrong. Fortunately, things go wrong frequently for all maid services. When that happens (and it will) separating the wheat from the chaff becomes a simple matter:

  1. Does the owner or manager argue with you when you complain?
  2. This may indicate a character that can't take criticism. If they are never wrong, how can they make anything right? Strike one.

  3. When things go wrong, do their actions reflect true concern for you?
  4. Doing the bare minimum to correct their mistakes is indicative of a minimum of commitment to truly serve the client. When push comes to shove, they will probably choose their interests over yours. Strike two.

  5. Do they proactively communicate with you when things change?
  6. At Kalee's Cleaning, we make it a point to inform the client of changes, errors, or other incidents which concern them. If you are getting surprised by things your cleaning service does or doesn't do, your needs are probably not foremost in their minds. Strike three.

If Your maid service is not honest...

If a company is not forthright in the little things (like having to reschedule your house, or accidentally breaking your shower door) there is no reason to believe they will do the right thing in a more serious matter (like loosing your house key). We have heard many stories of maid services causing expensive damage to client home then refusing to take or return phone calls related to the matter. This is totally unacceptable.

However, your relationship with your maid service is a two way street. We recommend evaluating the situation objectively before you get a new service. Reading our article on how to be a good maid service client may help the objectivity of your evaluation.

Once you know your side of the street is clean, if they still appear less than honest, you should end your relationship with them. Our belief is that honesty is a choice. If a company doesn't choose it, they are not worthy of your hard earned dollars.

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