We have a few policies you should be aware of. These help ensure we can live up to our reputation. Call us with any questions you may have.

These policies are an important part of our business relationship with you. They are short but please understand, they are not flexible. Each and every one of these items came "the hard way."


If you are not 100% satisfied, we will return and make it right. If you are still not satisfied, you will receive a full refund with our thanks. If you have any questions about our guarantee or any other policies, please contact us.


Changes to your cleaning must be made in advance through the office. Your cleaning team is not authorized to deviate from the work order we give them. They operate on a tight time schedule and any on-the-fly changes negatively effect other clients and/or their in-office duties.


If you are paying by check, you must leave your check at the time of cleaning. The first time you forget your check, we will ask for your credit card information as a back-up method of payment. The second time you forget your check, will charge that card for the cleaning.

Move-Out Cleanings

All move-out cleanings must be paid in advance by credit card. We have spent many hours cleaning move-outs that we could never collect payment for. It is sad that the unruly few have ruined it for the many.


A fact of life in this beautiful state is that snow and bad weather can cause radical scheduling changes with little or no notice. We always do our best to reschedule you in a satisfactory manner but the safety of our teams comes first.


Our minimum job size $75. We can clean your entire home or certain floors in your home. We do not divide floors. This leads to confusion, miscommunications, and client dissatisfaction.


It is extremely rare for our teams to break anything or loose anything that is yours. In the highly unlikely event that something like this happens, we will credit your account for the appropriate amount.