We offer recurring maid service schedules to meet almost every need. If you don't think regular house cleanings are for you, we are happy to schedule you on an as-needed basis. See the "one time" section below for some important details for occasional cleanings.

First time and "move-out" house cleaning service always takes more time and cost more money. The first cleaning requires a lot more time and effort, but once we get it into shape less time and effort are required to maintain it in top condition.

Selecting the best cleaning frequency is largely a matter of personal taste. The sections below point out some pros and cons for each type of recurrence. There is no right or wrong answer. It really comes down to your preference and your budget.

Please do not hesitate to call us for help choosing an appropriate recurring maid service frequency. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our service or house cleaning services in general.

Weekly Maid Service

Weekly service is best for people who want a constantly clean home or for people whose homes are well used. In terms of monthly cost, this is the most expensive option.

The benefits of weekly housekeeping service is that your house is always sparkling and each week you get to experience the wonderful feeling of a just-cleaned home. Your house is almost always totally clean and you don't have to lift a finger.

The downside of weekly maid service is that the team is in your house each and every week. Depending on your lifestlye and work schedule, it get be a little bit annoying to have the maids in your house that often. If you are rarely home during the day, this is not an issue. But if you work from home, or homeschool your kids, or hangout in your living room most days, you will probably get annoyed.

Every Other Week Cleanings

Every other week house cleaning is our most popular schedule. It strikes a good balance between cleanliness and cost.

We think that most houses really ought to get cleaned at this frequency. Usually, a shorter interval is not completely necessary but a longer interval is probably too long.

The great benefit of this service frequency is your house never gets too dirty and you get to save some money by not having it always perfectly clean

The downside of every other week cleaning service is that the house may get too dirty for your taste. You may find yourself cleaning certain areas of your home between visits from the cleaning team.

Monthly House Cleaning

Monthly cleaning is designed for people who want cleaning service at a low monthly cost.

Singles, couples, and families with small babies may be able to get away with monthly housekeeping service if they are not too picky about the cleanliness of their living environment. You definitely don't want to go longer than this without cleaning and disinfecting the critical areas of your home.

The only real benefit to getting monthly maid service is its low monthly cost. We typically don't recommend this frequency. Most likely, you will have to do quite a bit of cleaning yourself between visits from the maids.

Should you choose to select this recurrance, you should be aware that the maids are going to have a lot of hard work to do in your home. Monthly clients can be hard to keep happy because they don't want to pay more but they always want more than they are paying for. This is not always true, but it is a tendency.

One Time House Cleaning

A one time house cleaning is not really a schedule. It is more of an event. Many clients like to get a "one time" to try us out before getting on a recurring schedule. 99.9% of the clients who try us stay with us for years.

These take more time to clean than homes we clean regularly. A "one time" house cleaning is identical in scope to the "first time" cleaning that happens when a client starts on a recurring schedule.

Some clients call us from time to time whenever they want or need a cleaning. There is, of course, no problem with this but it is worth noting that if more than 30 days go by, we have to charge them for another "first time" cleaning.

Move Out/In Cleaning

Move out house cleanings are similar to first time and one time cleanings. In addition to a thorough cleaning, the team will clean the inside of your refrigerator and inside all your drawers, cabinets, and closets. These take longer to clean than "one times" and our pricing reflects that.

The great benefit of getting a move-out cleaning (especially from a high quality, reliable company like ours) is that it is fire-and-forget. With all the stress of moving, it is better to outsource what you can.

People who are moving tend to say things like "...then all we have to do is clean the house." To give you some idea, in Lafayette, it is not uncommon for moveout cleanings to take our teams 9 person-hours or more to complete.This of course varies depending on the house. When you say "then we just have to clean" what you should be saying is "Then we just have an entire day of gruelling work left to do, after we have taken everything out of our house."

The downside of getting a move-out cleaning is that they can be pricey. Since moving is typically its own financial burden, it can be hard to swallow the additional cost of a professional cleaning service.

Housekeeping Every 3 Weeks?

Unfortunately, no. The only way would could make this work would be to have an entire cleaning team dedicated to "every 3 week" cleanings. Lacking this, homes on this schedule would frequently collide with houses on the other three recurrence types.

We recommend being wary of any cleaning service who claims to offer "every 3 weeks" recurring house cleanings. If they don't know that these are generally unworkable, they probably don't know what they are doing when it comes to other aspects of their schedule. They will most likely prove unreliable.

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