When our cleaning team showed up to clean this house, all the bathroom fixtures and cabinets where sprawled out on the living room floor. The hardwood floors in the hallway were covered in protective plastic. The cleaning team leader, per company policy, decided not to clean the house.

Naturally, we contacted the client to let her know the team didn't clean the home because of the construction mess. She was slightly irritated and told us: "What? We are just painting one downstairs bathroom. Why didn't they clean?" When the team returned from the day, they showed us this picture, taken with a phone camera. They also explained how the rest of the house looked because of this project.

It just goes to show you, "Just painting on bathroom downstairs" must mean different things to different people! Most likely, on some subconscience level, the client counted this incident as a strike against our housekeeping service.

cleaning service client bathroom being remodelled.